3-Socket Power Splitter Mobile Device Car Charger

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Expand your car’s auxiliary power outlet to 3 sockets providing a total power output of 120W!

Up to 4X faster than conventional chargers, the 3-Socket Power Splitter provides an 18W QC3.0 fast charging port. Suitable for all USB devices, there are 4 USB ports on the device.

EASY MOUNT: Designed with mounting tape attached to the base plate, you can fit the car adapter anywhere you like and easily remove it from the base plate to make it portable.

TONS OF POWER: Equipped with 4 USB charging ports and 3 auxiliary power outlets providing 8.5A and 120W in total power.

OPTIMAL SPEED: The built-in smart IC technology can detect all connected devices and deliver the optimal charging speed. Fast charge 4 devices simultaneously in a 12V/24V vehicle.

INDEPENDENT CONTROLS: Each socket has an independent ON/OFF switch to conserve power output and maximize the lifespan of the device.

OVER-CHARGE PROTECTION: Built-in replaceable 10 Ampere safe fuse, smart control chip and complete protection circuits, prevent the car power splitter and your devices from an over-charge/short-circuit.

CAR VOLTAGE LED DISPLAY: Once the vehicle power center is on and the main switch of the 3-Socket Power Splitter is on, the LED display will monitor your car battery automatically. Moreover, the LED display will flash to remind the driver if the car battery voltage is too high or too low. Please check the car battery when the voltage is under 12V.