Heal-Ur-Heels Moisturizing Gel Socks

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When it comes to healing your heels, this is the product for you! Repairing the skin on your heels is challenging and lotions and balms alone won’t provide the restoration and maintenance you need, and wearing regular socks with cream at night can be hot and bothersome to sleep in. With Heal-Ur-Heels, you can rest in comfort with the breathable cotton fabric and open-toe design keeping your feet cool at night so you can awake to smoother heels in the morning.

Foot and back pain relief too! Worn during the day, the unique gel cup hugs your heel providing added support with every step. The unique gel cup in Heal-Ur-Heels helps alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, heel spurs, and general foot and back pain.

Heal-Ur-Heels Moisturizing Gel Socks slowly release therapeutic oils to moisturize and repair dry, hard skin and cracked heels. You can also apply moisturizer on your heels before putting on the socks to amplify your results. Each pair contains healing jojoba oil, moisturizing olive oil, soothing lavender oil, and restorative Vitamin E.

  • Spa hydration at home saving time and money
  • Breathable fabric (90% cotton and 10% spandex blend) and open-toe design
  • Unique gel cup hugs your heel providing added support
  • Therapeutic oils to moisturize and repair
  • One size fits most (Men’s US size under 12)
  • Available in your choice of 3 colors: Black, Gray, Pink

Suggested Use: After washing and drying your feet, apply your favorite lotion and then Heal-Ur-Heels Moisturizing Gel Socks and wear them for a minimum of 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week. Wearing them overnight while you are off your feet is optimal. Allowing your feet to rest while absorbing the oils and vitamins will promote a faster healing.

Suggested Product Care: Gently hand wash in cold water and line dry. Do not machine wash, bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry. Replace after 40 uses.

NOTE: Consult your doctor or podiatrist before wearing gel socks if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation. Do not wear gel socks on open wounds.

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Black, Gray, Pink