Perfecter Flat Iron-Hot Brush Combo Hair Care Kit

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  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Teal
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This product combines an essential flat iron hair straightener with an efficient hot round brush. It’s up to you if you want straight, curly or wavy hair for the day, as you can have it all with this FLAT IRON/HOT BRUSH COMBO. For straight hair you can use the Flat iron. For wavy hair you can use either the Hot Brush or the Flat iron. For curly hair use the Hot Brush. With the hot round brush & styling flat iron, or a combination of the two, you can truly express your personality through your hairstyle.

No More Guesswork! This hair straightening brush features a digital temperature control system with 3 temperature settings: 380, 400 & 420 degrees, an LCD display screen, and a reliable auto shut-off system for safety.

FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER: To access the flat iron hair straightener, all you have to do is unlock the brush to open. The hair straightening iron features tourmaline plates that offer incredible energy efficiency. The flat iron plates are floating and ionic. This means, no worries about burning your hair or having a sudden pull on your hair.

HOT ROUND BRUSH: The hot round brush features a body of ionic ceramic. It provides a firm grip for easier maneuvering. Precisely spaced nylon teeth help you achieve just the right style. The hot round brush uses dual heaters to spread the heat uniformly & quickly, without heating the nylon tips.


  • Travel Bag
  • De-tangling Flat Brush
  • 3 Styling Clips
  • Hair Styling Guide

Colors: Purple, Pink, Teal

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Purple, Pink, Teal