Pest Reject Ultrasonic Pest Control – 4 PACK

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DUAL CHIP TECHNOLOGY: Pest Reject ultrasonic pest control device uses high performance ultrasonic waves that effectively repel rodents and bugs, while being inaudible to the human ear and safe for your pets.

ECO-FRIENDLY: No more chemicals, or traps just an environmentally friendly solution for your home and office.

HUMANE: Naturally drives pests out without hurting them.

LARGE COVERAGE: Effective in an area up to 1600 sf. Please note that ultrasonic waves cannot travel through walls.

SIMPLE TO USE: No need for assembly, no need for the help of insect control technicians, just plug it into a working outlet and leave it work.

NIGHTLIGHT: The blue light that shows the unit is active also acts as the perfect nightlight for your room.


Weeks 1-2: quick impact on pests

Weeks 2-4: obvious decrease

Weeks 4-6: gone for good


  1. When plugging in the unit, make sure there is a distance of 80-120 cm from the floor and avoid curtains or thick carpeting which can absorb the soundwaves and reduce the effectiveness.
  2. The number of pests may increase in the first few days as the unit begins working.
  3. To keep the pest from coming back continued use is needed.
  4. Please use only a dry, soft cloth to wipe the unit clean as needed.
  5. Do not drop the unit or strike it with anything sharp or heavy as this will cause permanent damage.
  6. Use one unit per each average size room.

Each Package Contains 4 Units