Rechargeable LED Headlamp


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Reliable, hands-free headlight to brighten up your environment, leaving you free to work, read, exercise, and explore whenever and wherever you want.

Suitable for jogging, cycling, camping and other nighttime activities, as well as making the perfect hands-free work light.

Whether you prefer to use the lowest, most focused setting, the wider and splashier medium and high modes, or the bright emergency-ready strobe light, this movable LED headlight adjusts to a full range of lighting needs.

Due to its advanced CREE LED design, the battery life of a full charge in each usage is three times longer than normal headlamps allowing prolonged working time when you’re facing challenges or in an emergency.

Made of aluminum alloy and rubber, it weighs less than 12 oz., much lighter than other headlamps.

Powered by 2 rechargeable batteries and quick charge.