Safety Suction Grab Bar

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The Safety Suction Grab Bar is a great answer to concerns about slip and fall areas in your home. By providing extra support one can better maintain balance and stability when transitioning in slippery areas. A perfect assist for the elderly; individuals with physical challenges, balance, or stability issues; during pregnancy; or toddlers learning to walk.

  • Designed with Safety in Mind: Measuring 12 inches long, with 2 suction cups at each end, the ergonomic handle is comfortable and easy to grasp. The lock design makes the grab bar stay firmly in place.
  • Easy Installation: No tools needed. Just flip the locking latches to secure the bars in place
  • No Damage: Will not damage the surface you adhere it to or leave marks



  • Works on any non-porous, flat, clean surface, such as tile, glass, acrylic and metal.
  • Natural stone, textured or porous tile, or fiberglass are not recommended surfaces.
  • Solid surface is required for proper adherence.
  • Do not place the suction cups over grout lines or gaps.
  • If you have difficulties getting the bar to stay in place, air may have seeped into the suction cups. Remove and re-adhere.
  • For better result, apply some water and make the suction cups wet before you lock the latches to secure the bar in place.


NOTICE OF RISK: The improper use or improper installation of this product could involve substantial risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers. The manufacturer, distributor, and merchant of this product hold no responsibility for any damages suffered as a result of using this product.


Product Length: 12 inches

Available Colors: Black, Gray

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Black, Gray