Universal Car Phone Mount

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A Smarter Solution

Smart phones deserve a smart holder!

  • No more suction cups that fall off in the heat
  • No more blocking an air vent with your phone holder
  • No more sticky mounting tape
  • No more clamps that don’t quite fit your phone case

With the smart clip design and the universal magnet, the Universal Car Phone Mount will be the last phone holder you ever need for your vehicle!

Simply slide the clip onto the dashboard and you’re ready to go. Hold your phone safely within reach but out of your way. Safe heads up display. Nothing blocking your windshield, vent, or other areas of your car panel.


Change your mind and want to move it, or use it in another vehicle? No problem! It slips right off and onto the next location. The easy to use mount and protective foam make this handy device holder ready to help you wherever you need it most.

Attach one to your bedside table for a convenient space-saving place to hold your phone or clip it to a kitchen cabinet for an easy view of recipes while you cook. Use it on your desktop or countertop, or anywhere* with a ledge.

Key Features:

  • Universal to all phones, devices, and phone cases
  • Full 360° rotation – allows you to mount your device in any orientation
  • Powerful magnetic system
  • Puts your phone in a safe, heads up place
  • Does not block air vents
  • Versatility – can be used anywhere you have a ledge*
  • Can be installed easily and quickly – no tape, or suctions
  • Non-slip foam prevents movement
  • Non-slip foam prevents the scratching or damaging of the surface it’s attached to
  • One-hand operation


  1. Unscrew the nut from the back of the magnetic head and slide it over the neck of the mount
  2. Pop the magnetic head onto the neck of the mount and then screw the nut back on tightening it in place
  3. Slide the clip onto the ledge of the location you want to use it
  4. Attach the corresponding magnet to the back of your device or case and now it’s ready to use


  • Material: ABS+magnet
  • Size: 7.1×6.3×9.2cm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Application: All size phones and devices
  • Color: Black


*Not recommended to stretch the capacity of the clip more than 40mm